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Shadows on the Wall

and reflections of life...

Just a Girl on a Deacon's Journey
My life is a dedicated devotion and living sacrafice to the triune, Christian God.

I live it to the best of my ability, while admitting that any living sacrafice sometimes gets up off the table & walks away...

I am a Deacon in the United Methodist Church.

I am beginning my 8th year in full-time ministry, have a wonderful family, and love my friends.

I simply do not have enemies. Well, I may, but I keep myself naive to them. No one is my enemy unless they prove themselves to be.

I respect what you believe but I am firm in my beliefs. I love to talk to people about what & why they believe.

My whole world revolves around my committment to God. Period.

And it's MY life...

~*~ Friends Only ~*~

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